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Photo Credit: My 7 year old daughter

I started photography in August 2019 because I wanted to capture everyday life in the community that I live in, the International Marketplace. The area is special to me because my childhood was spent on military bases in Japan and Korea with people from around the globe and multiracial/multicultural families. The International Marketplace reminds me of my childhood in many ways, but also carries its own unique characteristics. One of my goals in photography is to capture the area’s richness to the best of my abilities. 


Through my photography journey starting 3 ½ years ago, I have explored various subject areas and have found that I truly enjoy nature and learning about American history. These two interests developed into ongoing projects documenting Civil Rights sites and national parks in the U.S. One of my hopes is for my children, to join me one day to see all of these beautiful places.

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Sakura Fuqua



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